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Spiritual Science of the Vedas meets the Global Expansion of Human Consciousness through Ayurveda.
 To allow the growth of sacred wisdom of the plants in society
for a expanded future of India & world ecology 


Entheogenic Society of India 
Research & Education

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Our Mission


 With the new age of "Psychedelic Renascence", we must take action now to Educate both Citizen & Governments on the Social & Evolutionary Growth of our Species through research and dialogue with Plants.



Protection & Propagation of Plant Medicines, as we move towards this growth conciseness, Most Entheogens can between 7 - 15 years to grow until harvesting. This is our key Goal to Grow these sacred plants for the future generation & seed Protection. 

Mental Health 

There has been a rise of Mental Health illness in India & epidemic is further increasing, with no avail of recovery or knowledge. Human history of the use of Entheogens/ Psychedelics have been present in Hindu Vedic Scriptures. With recent studies, Psychedelics, like Psilocybin Mushrooms, which grow natural in India, have had an incredible recovery rate at 80%.


Human Evolution ​though plant communication is a Human Right, to be able to sustain this Growth of Human consciousness, Somaa would like Idea that if a plant has Guided you, then it should also grow that Plant, for your Family DNA. 

DNA Investment

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